Little boxy pouch tutorial

My latest favourite thing to make, little boxy pouches.  It took me almost an entire morning, lots of paper and sellotape and countless cups of tea to figure this out.  I’m here to save you the bother.  This little bag is 4.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 2 inches deep, just right for a lipstick and a compact (or better still, lots of sweets).


1.  Choose your fabric.  This is a great project for showing off a teensy piece of fabric.  This is a Japanese fabric bought from – I’m guessing I’ll be able to squeeze three little boxy pouches from one fat quarter.  Bargain!!


2.  Cut two rectangles measureing 8 inches by 6 inches.  The longer length is the top.  Turn under a half inch on each piece and press, this is where you’ll be fitting the zip.


3.  I like to use zips that are more than long enough, I find it easier to sew them in when the zip pull is well and truly out of the way.  Take time to master your zip foot, once I’d figured it out zippering became a doddle.  You can trim off the extra zip later on.


4.  Flip the pieces over so the right sides are together and the zip is at the top.  Sometimes I pin, sometimes I don’t – depends on the grippiness of the fabric.  Sew along the bottom.  It’s tricky to press the seam flat,  but give it a go if you feel like it.


5.  Rearrange the tube so that the bottom seam sits on top of the zip (or so the zip sits on top of the bottom seam if you like).  Here’s when you better make sure the zip pull is in the middle.  I’ve had to unpick a couple of bags because I didn’t stop to check this.


6.  Sew up the two sides, you could run the stitches back and forth across the zip a few times for strength.  Trim off any extra zip, I leave just under an inch poking out.


7.  This isn’t a step, just showing you what you’ve got so far.


8.  Pinch the corners out, it’s a bit like origami.  Keep pinching, tweaking and measuring until you have a box shape that pleases you.  Pin it all in place and try to get each corner the same (as much as you can anyway).


9.  I use my quilters ruler to help get my corners nice and square.  The pencil line is (approx) 3 inches,  this is how tall your box will be(ish).


10.  Sew up all for corners,  this is your first chance to check out the size and shape of the box and make any changes.  If you’re happy then carry on, if not grab that unpicker and start again.


11.  Nearly there now.  Snip off the corners and get ready for the fun part.


12.  Turn it all the right way out and yahoo!  a super cute little boxy pouch.


I hope these instructions are clear.  You can make bigger or smaller pouches by adjusting the original fabric size or pinching more or less at the corners – I’ve yet to figure out a magial formula for sizing, lots of trial and error mainly.

Do let me know if you use this tutorial, I’d love to see how it works out for you.

***How I add lining***

There may be a quicker way but this is how I add a lining.  Basically I make another bag but instead of putting a zipper in I hem the opening at the top.  Then I fit it inside the first pouch and hand sew it in.  Sorry if you hoped for a quicker way – and to honest, if anybody thinks of one please let me know!


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    sarah said,

    woo hoo!! thank you soooooo much for the tut! i saw your pic on flickr and loved the pouch!! it’ll be a great addition to the weekender bags i’ve made for a couple christmas presents. :o)

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    Becky said,

    Thanks for sharing. I saw it on the Sew, Mama, Sew flickr site. It’s too cute! I love the fabric too.

  3. 4

    Lauren said,

    So cute!! Thanks so much for this!

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    raesha said,

    I am definitely trying this! I love your tip for the zipper installation and using a longer zipper than necessary. Great, great tip!!!

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    Christa said,

    Thanks for the great little project! I’ve always hated working with zippers but this was so cute and looked so easy I just had to try it. It turned out great and looks so cute.

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    Lisa said,

    Wow, what a fantastic project. It looks great. I will have to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.

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    andrea said,

    thanks, can’t wait to try it.

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    mobyclick said,

    I AM sooooo making this tomorrow. Thanks!

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      Maria and Emilie said,

      Hello fellow craft makers!
      Me and my cousin are very happy with this tutorial! We made two of them! One is even a pencil bag for school! The dimensions we used for that were 11″ x 6″! We hope this helps all you fellow craft makers!

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    Esther said,

    I love making these too🙂

    Your tutorial is great – really nice and clear.

    • 12

      Maria and Emilie said,

      Hello fellow craft makers!
      Me and my cousin are very happy with this tutorial! We made two of them! One is even a pencil bag for school! The dimensions we used for that were 11″ x 6″! We hope this helps all you fellow craft makers!

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    Jacklyn said,

    I just started making bags with zippers. Your tutorial was really easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing this! I made one for my six year old daughter and one out of denim lined with green for my four year old son for his game boy video game, he loves it. You have a great talent for teaching.

    • 14

      Maria and Emilie said,

      Hello fellow craft makers!
      Me and my cousin are very happy with this tutorial! We made two of them! One is even a pencil bag for school! The dimensions we used for that were 11″ x 6″! We hope this helps all you fellow craft makers!

  11. 15

    Thanks for laying out all the steps. I knew it had to be incredibly simple, but I’d never taken the time to experiment🙂 Now I can visualize the process.

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    Beth said,

    This is great! I quickly made a couple of these today, and your tip about the zipper is smart, thanks!

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    Becca said,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have some fat quarters that will certainly become some presents!

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    Sarah said,

    Thanks for this great tutorial! I used it to make a camera case last night. You can see a pic on my blog. 🙂

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    Rebecca said,

    The pouch is incredibily cute. Had to have a go and made one myself, you can check it out on my blog..
    A great tutorial, thanks.

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    mymsie said,

    Thanks for the great tute! I made one for my Fall Swap partner:

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    Jodie said,

    This is way cute! I’d always wondered how to make one. Now to figure out how to do it with a lining.

    By the way, got here via

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    sally said,

    Super cool. I know I am going to try this out today. I can’t wait!!

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    Toni-Ann said,

    Fabulous instructions! I made a bag in about 20 minutes – that’s my kind of tutorial – thanks for sharing. Got the link via Thimble too.

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    Angelita Delgado said,

    Thanks for this great tutorial

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    blabby said,

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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    Nancypancy said,

    I saw some like these at J Crew, and nearly bought one to deconstruct and make a pattern of, but didn’t. Then I found YOU! I have been making BTRS zip pouches, but will add these to the repertory!

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    Lenore said,

    This is a completely FAB project. I am most grateful . i thought that you might like some things that i did a bit differently after the first 10 I made (yes I really love it)
    1. Put a tab to help in pulling the zip at either end of the zip.
    2. Make the pouch out of 2 layers of fabric that are glued together using heat n’ bond or vlisofix. that way it is really frim and the insdie is pretty too.

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    Kitty said,

    hey there, thanks for the tutorial, you can see mine here

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    jessica said,

    Great tutorial! You know what this would be great for? A camera case (for a boxy camera, anyway). Must do…

  26. 31

    meiyi said,

    your tutorial got me so excited!! THANK YOU!! I can’t wait to try it out!!!😀 i’ve tried to write tutorials and realised it’s so much work!! So, really, THANK YOU!!

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    Mandi said,

    Thanks so much for sharing this great idea. It’s so cute! I can’t wait to try it myself!

  28. 33

    Shay said,

    I don’t know about a pouch, but by golly you have just shown me how I am going to slipcover my sofa pillows without all that fiddling with the zippers.

    Thank you!

  29. 34

    Jessica said,

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to make one-or several!

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    ciyou said,

    I want to do this, thanks for your tutorial

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    Sheri said,

    Very nice! I have been buying $.50 blouses at our local thrift store for buttons and this will be a great use for the fabric. I can’t wait to try them!

  32. 37

    diane said,

    thanks for the tutorial!
    i’m a beginner sewer (just got a sewing machine for xmas!)
    and i want to learn how to sew in a slipper~ this seems perfect to try out!


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    Avenue said,

    Thank you for such a lovely and helpful tutorial! I have been looking for help with making a pouch just like this! I’ll be trying it out this weekend.

  34. 39

    amanda said,

    how cute! thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

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    Adelle said,

    This was so fun to make! Thank you much for the tutorial! Here is mine:

    Little Boxy Pouch

  36. 41

    meiyi said,

    thank you so much for your tutorial!! i tried it out today and it’s so easy to make!!🙂 be assured i’ll be making more… a whole lot more.🙂

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    KIKI said,

    simple, beautiful, i’m making them for gifts

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    Tifa said,

    Such a sweet little tutorial. I tried it out right away and made a cute little shamrock printed pouch with a purple floral lining for a makeup pouch to toss in my shoulder bag.
    This is a great idea for little prezzies too.

    The only problem I had was adjusting the tension for the zipper fabric. I just couldn’t get it right. The thread was much tighter on the top, regardless of the settings. It would have taken only about an hour, but with the thread problems it a bit longer.
    Have you come across that problem with zippers before?

    Thanks so much!

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    amy said,

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just made a little pouch. It’s so cute!

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    nutmeg said,

    wow i always thought it was kinda difficult making one of those, im surprised its so easy🙂 i’ll try it !!

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    Sara said,

    I just had to wait for the shops to open this morning to go out and buy myself some zips! I was so excited to find this tutorial. Thank you. Here’s my effort –

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    chronicler said,

    Neat, neat, neat! I love this! Thank you.

  43. 48

    Love it! I can’t wait to try this. I stumbled it, by the way… 🙂

  44. 49

    Your pouch is too cute! And your instuctions make it look so easy…I can’t wait to try one.

  45. 50

    I made these and they’re awesome!
    I did add a little extra stitch along the seams to give them a little more stability
    and a more square shape.
    The tutorial was very easy to follow and great pictures.

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    Taz said,

    Thank you so much for this fantastic tut, I really need to stretch my sewing fingers and get out of my constant stencilling and this looks like something i could enjoy.

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    Eloisa said,

    I love it!!!
    I just made one for me!!!!
    Thanks A lot!!!

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    Kerry said,

    thank you SO much for this tutorial. This was my first attempt with a zipper so I had to seek out a few videos to get it down, but your step by step instructions are perfect and this pouch is amazingly cute. You can see my experience with it at . It wasn’t very difficult to add a lining and I can’t wait to make more!

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    Fabiola said,

    OMG…this looks so easy…I have to make one right now…when I have it I will leave you a comment with the post link…thanks so much for the tutorial🙂

  50. 55

    silvia said,

    Thank you for the tutorial. Had been waiting days to try it out and today I did it on some scrap fabric I had. It was rather easy (just had to fight to open the zipper after having sewn the sides…so my take from this was… leave the zipper a bit open…)
    Can´t wait to try on some better fabric!

  51. 56

    Diane said,

    I just love this…how would you line this? I can figure it out except for how and WHEN to attach lining to zip…

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again,

  52. 57

    Thelma said,

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, which I stumbled upon through Avenue Hand Made’s To Do List, Part The First.

    You’ve outlined the steps very well and I am looking forward to trying to make this type of bag.

    I’ve made a number of flat-style zippered bags and find a great source of zippers, at a low cost, is through a company called Zipperstop. I’ve purchased from them on their e-Bay store and direct. E-Bay is very easy and here’s a link to their store, if you’re interested:

    I have no affiliation with them, just like their products and service. I like having a bunch of zippers around so I can choose which one best matches the fabric and I always buy the longest zippers I can for the best price.

    Anyway, thank you again and I look forward to more tutorials!

  53. 58

    Jen Nelson said,

    Did you use any stablizer/interfacing? I made it in a bigger size…cut 12 x 10 pieces
    used a 16 in zipper and boxed the corners at 1.5 inches. Great size for traveling.

    You’re pictures were great.

  54. 59

    Christina said,

    Gee this is a great tutorial, thanks! Do you know how I could line the pouch?

  55. 60

    Grace said,

    Thanks for the tutorial – my leafy pouch turned out brilliantly. And GREAT idea on the zipper. You should get some sort of zipper-putter-inner medal for that one.

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    Hedda said,

    Hi! I used your tutorial, now I don’t need it anymore:) You can see the result here Thanks!

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    Sammi said,

    Thank you for sharing!! That is awesome. I love your choice of fabric too!😀

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    Sunce said,



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    Sara said,

    This is a great tutorial, thank you! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to post a link to your tutorial on my blog…Please let me know if you object!
    Thanks again, I can’t wait to make a ton of these!

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    naama said,

    First of all, the tutorial is so cute- thanks!
    Secondly, Can I sell pouches made of your tutorial to friends and others?

  61. 66

    Heather said,

    I love this little box!! I’m gonna give it a try!!

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    catyblue said,

    This is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing, you really did saved me the botehr :D!

  63. 68

    jennifer said,

    I actually JUST tried this for the first time. I would suggest, for a pouch bigger than the one you made, adding interfacing and a loop on one end to grasp while pulling the zipper. I added it after-the-fact. The loop would be placed on top of one end of the zipper along the side as you sew it closed.

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    Meari said,

    This is VERY cute!

  65. 70

    We featured your awesome tutorial on our blog. We love this pattern. Thanks SO much for sharing!

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    stitchthestars said,

    Great tutorial! Used it, and loved it🙂

    Do you mind if I write an upcoming article, posted on my blog, on this amazing boxy pouch? I find it really useful, and would like to pass it on.

    Thank you!

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    shinejewelry said,

    this looks like a great project! Thanks for sharing.

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    Teri said,

    This is so dang easy!!! Thank you very much!! It’s funny, I have these 2 friends and we get together 3 times a year to celebrate each other’s birthdays.One year, my friend Natalie was taking out her makeup bag from her purse to touch up her lipstick after eating lunch and it was filthy . I said “you know you can wash your makeup bag so it won’t be so dirty?” ( we have been friends forever so she knows I meant no harm in talking to her like that—– it was all in fun) I then told her that I would replace her makeup bag each year for her and that was about 12 years ago.Each year I trudge around looking to get a cute one at the store but I have never made her one . I will now. Her birthday is in September. Have you ever made one with clear plastic? also have you ever made one that is bigger? If you did , how did that turn out. ? Also, does the fabric have to be somewhat stiff to stand up? someone told me there was some sort of interfacing to use. I will let you know her reaction in September. thanks again!!!

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    Nicole said,

    Thank you soooo much!! This is so adorable, I can’t wait to try to make it!🙂

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    Janep said,

    Great pouch. Mine turned out shorter though.

  71. 76

    indigo said,

    wow, cool! thank you so much. i added a lining to mine, based on these instructions:

    it worked out ok even though i wasn’t sure what i was doing. the only fussy part was sewing the corners; you have to sew the lining & the outside together & the shape of things starts to look really weird, but when you turn it right side out it looks great! also, i cut my rectangles bigger than yours, 7″ x 9″, which helped w/ the corner fussing. i don’t know if it would have worked any smaller.

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    Liz said,

    Fantastic tutorial. Ive always been a bit terrified of zips, but this is a huge help. thanks so much🙂

  73. 78

    Vraiment super chouette cette petite pochette, bravo ma chère :-))).



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    thepurpledaisy said,

    Thanks for this great tut! I made a couple and carry them in my bag!

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    Annie said,

    I was just at the thrift shop yesterday and I picked up 5 zippers for NO GOOD REASON. They were all .25. I think I will go back and pick up some more. I can see these would make some really fun Christmas gifts for the friends in my choir. I posted a picture of it on my blog with a reference to this blog. Thanks so much. How much fun is this.
    The fabric I used was a tiny bit left over from a skirt I made, and I have a purse that is black and white as well, so I will have a fine makeup bag. Thanks again and again. What a darling tutorial Thanks.


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    Kelli said,

    Love your blog — keep up the great stuff. I’ll check back often, smiling.

  77. 82

    Jackie said,

    This is fantastic. I love embroidery but I hate the construction on things. This makes it very easy. THANK YOU!

  78. 83

    Rachel said,

    This was awesome! This is one of the first things I’ve completed that looked GREAT! Thanks for the clear instructions.

  79. 84

    Anne said,

    Thank you, I’m going to try making one!

  80. 85

    Beverley said,

    This is a great tutorial – Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve yet to sew anything sensible from a pattern. Am I the last person in the world to learn to sew? It seems like I could do this? I wonder if that’s a bit ambitious? I do hope not – I love these little pouches and my daughter would love them too. They would make lovely gifts. I might have to try.

  81. 86

    kat said,

    I have no idea what a zipper foot is or if I have one, but I did a couple regardless and they came out okay…
    I have a piccie here
    Thanks for the tutorial, I have been looking for things to do to ease me into using the machine!!

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    Rebecca said,

    Thank you for this very well constructed tutorial….I made two of these and they both turned out great! I feel like dancing!

  83. 88

    Heather said,

    Ahah! Thank you for making this make sense for me – I’m going to scale this up to make a bag for my dance shoes, been looking for a tute for this for ages!


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    robbie said,

    Thanks so much for the easy to follow tutorial. I just made a pouch out of a sample scrap of heavy weight denim, which had been given to me! Who doesn’t like free stuff? I will let my students know about your awsome site. Thanks Again, robbie

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    Ana said,

    i made this little boxy thanks your tutorial. if you want see it, in my blog is the effort and your link. thank for sharing it!

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    Po0mp0ncita said,

    beatifull tutorial!!!!!,great!,see you

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    Christine said,

    What a clear tutorial, at no time did I pause and think to myself…” What does that mean?” I made one this evening and I’m sure I’ll make more! I’ll blog about this soon, and post pics on my site. Pop by and take a look!

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    Sophia said,

    Absolutely LOVE this fantastic tutorial!!!! When I saw it (as in an hour earlier) I just couldn’t wait to try it out and started immediately. Your tutorial is extremely simple and easy to understand, so thank you so much!!! I love my new bag!❤

    (This is the first time I’ve made something and on the first try was 99% satisfied with it XD)

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    gyozamonsta said,

    awesome tute. the pouch is adorable and incredibly easy to sew. thanks!

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    Judy said,

    I love this and I’ve always been afraid of zippers. This week-end I’m going to try it! Thanks and I love your blog!!!!!

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    many thanks for this tutorial

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    krisstl said,

    Thanks for this tutorial !

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    debra said,

    Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. I’m not a beginner sewer – but I would recommend this to beginners. I made a couple of these little bags for my son and his friend. Now the older brother and little sister want one too. I also put a link in my blog. Thanks.

  94. 100

    I tried this pouch once with just plain cotton quilter’s fabric– it was way too flimsy that way, and didn’t hold its shape. The second time around I pressed some fusible interfacing to my fabric before sewing– much better! I think the directions would work fine for canvas or home dec. fabric as is, but I would say include a note about interfacing for those who want to try it with quilter’s cotton. Thanks for the great project!

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    mydaruma said,

    i love it!
    Ia m definitly making some pouches myself.
    thank you so much for sharing this.

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    Momo said,

    Wow, this is a great tutorial! Just what I was looking for. thanks so much for sharing!!

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    Britainy said,

    VEry Cute Bag I made one aswell And linked back on my blog.. IT is so simple

  98. 104

    joannabags said,

    Just found this tutorial after following the link on Miss Behave, I love it. I have been trying to work out how to make these and can not believe it is easy. Like your tip with the zipper as well. Have added it to my To Do list.🙂

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    elibabette said,

    thanks!!! it give me ideas for christmas gifts (exuse my bad english…) it’s very clear! thanks for this tutorial!!

  100. 106

    joannabags said,

    back again after having made one, love it well done. link on my blog

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    maria helena said,

    this is a FANTASTIC tutorial!!! I am so sad I haven’t seen it before!

    thanks, thanks, a million thanks!!

    best wishes from Brazil

  102. 108

    maria helena said,

    it took me less than 40 minutes to accomplish one!!! now I wanna try it again, but this time trying to insert lining!! *lol*

    thanks again, as soon as I get the camera I am going to blog about this and link back to your tutorial!!

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    Carole said,

    I’ll try for sure, thanks !

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    Cécile said,

    This boxy pouch is the perfect gift to be made in a twinkling of an eye, it’s so true that I’ve already done one for a test this evening, even though there was a zipper on it (first time I tried, and things worked it out), your tuto is very clear, I followed it step by step and it works. Nothing else to say but thank you very much miss. I’ll send you some picture tomorrow morning. And guess what ? I’ll have to make three of it for friday.
    Best wishes from Turin, Italy

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    Marie said,

    I have to tell you. This tutorial just about saved my life (well, my sanity anyway) yesterday! Thank you🙂


  106. 112

    Leslie said,

    I was looking for ideas to make a small bag for my step sis for Christmas that she could toss in the school bag I made her this summer. I had no clue where to start and have never worked with a zipper but I knew I was going to try at least. I found your tutorial through a Google search and many other blogs that linked back to here so I thought I would try. It didn’t take all that long and it really is easy! Next time I hope to make something a bit bigger🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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    ohhhh lovely !
    I’ll try it !

  108. 114

    Very clear instructions, I’m excited to try this out. Thanks, Angela

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    Nice idea and nice tuto ! Thank you for sharing this. I ‘ll try it …..maybe next year !!

  110. 116

    Cheryl said,

    I love it, fantastic! Just the right gift for christmas, DIY😉 Thanks a lot. I shall try it tonight, which I hope won’t take me forever to complete! Goodwork!

  111. 117

    Jacki said,

    Thanks for an easy tutorial! I’ve made dozens of these already!
    My favs are a red shiny vinyl and wool from old sweaters! thanks again for a great tutorial!

  112. 118

    Karesa said,

    Im a beginner sewer and I tried your tutorial. it was quite easy to follow but I wanted to insert a lining but didnt know how to. Do you think you could do one with a lining and update your tutorial. Thanks for sharing

  113. 119

    Cecilia said,

    thank you! The photos were so clear! I didn´t read… (my english is very poor), but I´ve understood everything.

    Best wishes from Argentina!


  114. 120

    Alice said,

    I made this to hold my 350G hard drive, cables and lap top power cord. The one change I made was to add two 1 inch strips of the fabric on each side before sewing the sides together. I use these mini compartments to hold my thumb drives. This is the perfect size pouch to carry in my lap top case. Thank you!

  115. 121

    Fantastic, very easy to follow & quick to make. I worked out how to line this by following this blog -

    All you have to do is leave a small hole in the lining to turn it right-sides out, but make sure you pinch & stitch the corners in your lining first.

    Thanks for this, it’s great!

  116. 122

    Grace said,

    Can anyone help me figure out how to put a lining in this pouch? I am a newbie at sewing and I tried to do it using the Twelve22 tutorial and some interfacing, but since the shape of that pouch is not boxy like this one, I’m a bit confused at the order of things.

    I think the main idea behind the lining is that it is the same exact shape as the exterior, but it’s turn inside out (opposite of the exterior) so you can’t see any raw edges. I’m just not sure how to do this with the boxy shape AND the zipper…😦 Can anyone offer some assistance?

  117. 124

    Amélie said,

    I’ve used your tutorial!!!!!!! really wonderful for christmas gives!!!!!!!!! thanks!

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    Marielle said,

    Merci pour ce tuto,c’est ravissant !!!;-))

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    helena said,

    Super linda!!

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    dominique08 said,

    merci beaucoup pour ce tuto!
    cela semble moins difficile à réaliser avec des explications en images
    encore merci
    à très bientôt

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    cathy said,

    peux t on avoir le tuto en francois merci beaucoup cathy

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    Marianne said,

    Beautyful pouch, and great tutorial ! Thank you so much to share it with us!

  123. 130

    sonia said,

    Thank You!

    Sorry but i don’t speak english : merci beaucoup pour ce joli tuto et surtout à voir, facile à faire! Dès que je trouve un moment j’en couds une! 😉

  124. 131

    Clare said,

    Just made one for my sister’s birthday. Very very cute and so easy too-thanks so much!

  125. 132

    Celly said,

    I want to do this, thanks so much for sharing !! I loved it !
    Hugs from Brazil !

  126. 133

    Natacha said,

    Un grand merci!!! Je viens d’en faire une et ça ne sera pas la dernière… c’est sûr!! Demain je mettrai un message sur mon blog et je ferai un lien vers ce tuto!!!
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    Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
    Thank you, Perrine

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    It took me only like 20 mins.
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    Again thank you so much!

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    The original fabric size was about 9″x12″.

    Thank you so much for this tutorial.

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    I just made two of these. Precious! The second one I lined and added medium interfacing. I also sewed around the bottom to give it a base. Next time, I’d like to add a little pull tab on each end. They really come together quickly. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge🙂

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    Connie Chamberlain

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    I just tried … and I succeeded perfectly, it’s fantastic ! I’ll make a gift to someone who is important to my heart. Thank you a thousand times for the “tuto” as we say in France !

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    Do you have any more tutorials online? I can’t seem to find your main page…

  204. 214

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    I just found this page, maybe an hour ago, and already I’ve finished a bag. Instead of using ultra-cute Japanese cotton, I used fused plastic bags as fabric. Although I accidentally put in the zipper on the 6 in seam, essentially messing up the whole pattern, it works. Amazingly it also holds all of the makeup from my purse, so mission completed and I can’t wait to make another.

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    And did you know, if you don’t put the boxed corners in, you’ve got a wipe case, tissue pack case etc!

    Now the next mission will be making one that’s lined!

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    I would love to see the same instructions as to how to add a lining to the makeup bag and can i use these instructions with quilted fabric?

    thanks for you time.

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    Friends of mine were in Africa this summer on a mission trip. They bought some clothes there which were of beautiful fabric, but poorly made. They gave a pair of pants where the crotch ripped out and said, “Do whatever you want them.” They’re interested in becoming greener, so I made them a shopping bag for their grocery tips and this bag out of 12″ x 9″ pieces. They always complain about carrying their cords for cell phone, digital camera, etc. I think this will be the perfect pouch for them to use to keep everything together.

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    I’m from São Paulo Brasil

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    This is GREAT! Will make great little extras for Christmas gifts! I just have one question…some of the other comments have said that they’ve made this with a lining? Can you please show us how to do this?? Thank you!

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    Ashley said,

    Hi! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial. I’ve been playing with different sizes and variations all day. I used two coordinating cotton fabrics (one for exterior, one for lining) with some fusion fleece in the middle. Amazing results… Vera Bradley, who?🙂

  225. 236

    Christy said,

    What a great idea! I just bought a sewing machine last month and am just learning to sew. Gave this a try tonight, hoping to have a cute gift for my mom. I have never sewn a zipper before. The tutorial made it so easy, I zipped thru it in no time and have a cute little pouch made of leftover fabric. Thanks!

  226. 237

    Peggy Hoff said,

    Great tutorial! I really like the way the zipper comes down the side so the opening is large enough to get in the bag. I’ve been going to figure out how to do that and am thankful that I can just use your method and save some time.

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    what a lovely tutorial
    thank you.
    I will be giving it a go this afternoon,

  230. 242

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  231. 243

    Sally said,

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I started one this afternoon, with a big 19×22 piece of fabric. I wanted it to be big enough for a hairbrush and etc. Well, after much trial and error I have a cute little 4x5x3″ bag, lol, not quite what I had in mind, BUT I succeeded in lining it. Yippee!

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    Thanks to you and your awesome tutorial, I’ve got one! Yay!

  233. 245

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    go see my little boxy pouch on my blog.

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    I want you say “thank you” for model leatle box
    et I say happy new year for you and your family



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    tenho dificuldade em traduzir, mas só vendo já fico feliz. Beijos

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    Here is mine:

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    kiss and good lucky for the crafts 🙂

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    Wow. I absolutely love this pattern, it’s so simple to use. At first i thought it was too small so i changed the measurements but it ended up coming out too big and when i used these measurements it came out perfectly!!
    Great Job!!

  240. 252

    Brenda said,

    Thank you for your clear instructions. I just sewed one this evening, and I was happy to start and finish a project on the same day! I’m going to give these as gifts this year.

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    very good!
    adorei seu tutorial!
    muito gentil dividi-lo com a gente!
    dificil traduzir para portugues, mas muito bem explicado!

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    I just found your tutorial earlier today and I just finished making one of these adorable little bags for my daughter to use as a coin purse. Very easy follow and such a cute idea🙂 Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for the consise tutorial. This design has had me flumoxed for quite a while. The gates are now open for idea’s.

  244. 256

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    Love this little pouch, just made one for my friends birthday and filled it with bubble bath, bath salts and a little candle. Sooooo cute! Thanks for a great tutorial, I didn’t even have to unpick anything!

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    thank you so much for this!!!
    I made the sizes twice bigger, so I can put more in it :3

  246. 258

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    Je te remercie une nouvelle fois pour ce tutoriel, la photo de ma dernière trousse se trouve sur le blog :

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    Hi, I hope you don’t mind, I have added one of your tutorials to my 100+ fat quarter tutorials post, thank you for sharing :o)

  248. 260

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    Thanks for the tutorial! I tried it and it was not too bad for my first try. I had to pluck and redo when I sewed too close to the zipper and realized it wouldn’t zip open all the way! I need to work on making it the right shape too, cuz it was a little crooked. But other than that it was pretty easy! I think I will add interfacing and an inner lining next time, though.🙂

  249. 261

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    I am so happy I found your tutorial. I`ve been surching for it for months🙂 and just had to try it out right away

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    I googled diy pouches and came upon your blog. I followed your directions and made myself a cute little pouch. Thank you for the tutorial, it is very helpful.

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    I love your tutorial!

    What kind of fabric did you use?

    I´m going to try one!

    Thank you.

  252. 264

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    Thanks so much for the tutorial, here’s my little boxy pouch:

    Cheers, Vroni

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    Great tutorial! Thanks!🙂

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    Thanks for this great tutorial!! I LOVE this little bag. I made one for my sister to keep all her sewing supplies in! Here’s a picture.

  255. 268

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    Thanks so much for this really good idea! I just started sewing and this doesn’t look too complicated but very cute.

  256. 269

    Kittie said,

    Made a cute little cupcake bag!

    I only had a 7” zipper so I used 6×5” fabric to make this. I’ll probably pick out one of the corners and add in a strap and re-sew that corner.
    Pictures here:

  257. 270

    Barbara said,

    AWESOME TUTORIAL! I just started to teach myself to sew and this was a great small project to help me learn. It turned out great. THANKS!

  258. 271

    Annie said,
    I made one and forgot to tell you about it, but I can see on my Feedjit link that many come to my blog after typing in purse, and many leave to your link I left on my post.
    have a great day.

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    Merci beaucoup pour ce tutoriel génial et quelle rapidité…
    Formidable, je viens d’en faire une pour ma fille qui est ravie…

  260. 273

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    last night, I needed that “feeling of accomplishment” and went looking for something small/fast/easy … here’s a photo of my result:

    (don’t know how to put links in here) — thanks for such a great tutorial !!!

  261. 274

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    follow-up — I can’t even type my own name, it’s Barnett.

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    Thank you so much for sharing! My first visit here. Found ur blog on Mellebugandme.

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    Just a quick thank you for presenting this tutorial in such a clear manner!
    I appreciated your idea of using a longer zipper for a much easier sew and neater finish!
    Thank you!!

  265. 278

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    Do you have any tips on making one of these with a lining?

  266. 279

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    Thanks for the tutorial! How about commercial use?

  267. 280

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    Ich finde die Tasche einfach genial hab hab mir gerade selbst eine gemacht es werden noch viele folgen danke für die ausführliche Beschreibung habe mich sehr darüber gefreut.Ich werde sie gleich als Schmink-Tasche verwenden. Ich hoffe sie haben noch viele so tolle Ideen. Ich werde gleich noch eine machen von denen kann mann nie genug haben. Ich finde Sie einfach toll für die Schule, Unterwegs einfach überall mit zu nehmen braucht nicht viel Platz. Einfach eine tolle Idee.
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    I LOVE this!!!! I doubled the size cause I wanted to make it a large makeup bag and it’s wonderful! I plan to make several to store different items like power cords. Thanks for the tutorial!

  272. 285

    Rachel said,

    I made this for a friend and filed it with her favorite candy. I added loops on both ends to pull the zipper open and shut. But instead of cutting two 8 inch by 6 inch rectangles, I just cut one large 8 by 12 inch rectangle. Fewer seams to mess with.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  273. 286

    BulbinBlue said,

    These is a wonderful tutorial! I’m writing from, a non-profit website for creative ideas and crafts. We’d love to feature your tutorial (text and pictures too) in our upcoming Fall segment. If you are interested, please e-mail us at the address given!

  274. 287

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    I just made one and it is so awesome! Thanks for the super easy tutorial! I think I may be addicted — this thing was so fun to make. The one I made is for my sister and I might just need to make one for everyone I know.

  275. 288

    Emm said,

    Oh my gosh! This is absolutely adorable! I love this cute little cosmetics case; I think I’m going to fiddle around with sizes and make a pair for my friend’s 17th birthday in coordinating fabrics. Thank you so much! I also like your little phrase “zippering became a doddle”; that is so cute. Thank you again for this ADORABLE tutorial!

  276. 289

    saffiertje said,

    oh my… I Adore thisone! It’s really differnt from all the others!!!
    gonna try this deff.

    love miranda

  277. 290

    Mira said,

    This looks like its relatively easy for a beginner, and that’s me! Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to try it out!

  278. 291

    Cindy said,

    Thanks so much for the easy tutorial.

    I got a sewing machine for Christmas & seem to be a bit sewing challenged haha & I was able to make one.

    It came out so cute! Will definitely be making more!

    Thanks again!

  279. 292

    AmyB said,

    Thank you! Cant wait to try it🙂

  280. 293

    julie said,

    thanks for a cool tutorial, did you ever figure out the formula? for different sizes?

  281. 294

    What do we have to do if we want to have a fabric inside the pouch? Can you please answer my question if you know how to? You can e-mail me if you want.

  282. 295

    ciara, Nottingham UK said,

    I made this in less then an hour and it has turned out great. Made it in some Cath Kitson material and it looks lovely. Thanks very much for sharing

  283. 296

    Monica said,

    Thank you so much for your great tutorial! I might become addicted and make several of this lovely boxy pouch! Thanks again!

  284. 297

    Verommaja said,

    Thank you for this tutorial is great.
    I did it for my daughter, she is happy.

  285. 298

    purnima said,

    Wonderful tutorial ! You make it look so easy🙂
    Please do put up more tutorials…
    Have just started learning to sew – and this was such a fun project !!

  286. 299

    Sarah said,

    Hello! I added a link to this tutorial from my blog, Hope that’s okay!

  287. 300

    Janet said,

    Sarah, you are so cleaver, I love this and you. Janet

  288. 301

    Laurence said,

    Thanks so much for your tutorial which was suggested in the blog ” au Fil rouge”.

  289. 302

    keisha said,

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I am a sewing novice and have never put a zipper in anything… and this looks like something I can do… can’t wait to find the right material and try it out!!

  290. 303

    Kathi said,

    I looooove it! It was so much fun to make this! Mine ist dark-red with a yellow zipper and it looks kind of retro :o)

    I tried to make a bigger one, but it didn’t turn out well, because the fabric was too loose (I don’t know if that’s the right expression for it…). For the smaller one I used one that is more stiff. Works fantastic, maybe I’ll try a bigger one with that fabric soon.

  291. 304

    keisha said,

    I just made one! Unfortunately, I don’t know why I altered the dimensions the way I did, because as it turned out, it was just the right size for 8 CDs in jewel cases. In other words: I accidentally made a flippin’ CD COZY!:-/

    The good news is, I installed my first zipper, and I cannot wait to try this tutorial again! Thanks for sharing it.🙂

  292. 305

    I’m making these for xmas. Just made my mum one from oil cloth. Perfect cause it keeps it’s boxy shape. Or else line your cotton one with waterproof ‘baby changing mat’ type fabric.xxxx

  293. 306

    Käselotti said,

    Hello! Thank you so much for your great tutorial! I already sewed 7 pouches and your tutorial was a good help.
    Here you can see them:

    Greetings from Germany!

  294. 307

    Liesbeth said,

    It´s very easy and beautyful!!!

  295. 308

    Adorei o tutorial sobre necessaire,pois ainda estou aprendendo a costura e por zíper.
    Muito obrigada por dividir com agente.

  296. 309

    un grand merci très bon tuto, j’ai mis ma pochette sur mon blog amitiés violette

  297. 310

    Nueyer said,

    Great tutorial, I and LOVE the fabric!!

  298. 311

    Nanou said,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial.

    As I have never sewn a zipper I have difficulties undertanding step 5. Could you explain it for a poor stupid girl?

    Could you also tell me which size of zippers you are using?

    Thanks so much.

    Have a nice weekend.

  299. 312

    Rachel said,

    I just found this tutorial and tried my first bag….I’m hooked!!! I love this perfect little gift! I’m getting ready to make a bunch more so I can wrap Christmas gifts in them this year.

    I’ll link back to you when I get this project posted

  300. 313

    Snuppeline said,

    Thanks a million for the tutorial! I made mine out of two layers of fabric. It makes it not so loose and the inside is also beautiful. I’ll post mine in my blog soon.

  301. 314

    Daphne said,

    this is a fabulous tutorial. I just finished mine , so quickly, I will be making more of these…Thanks so much. I used upholstery fabric.

  302. 315

    Erin said,

    Great tutorial. This is the first thing ive ever sewed and the instructions were GREAT!!! I didnt have a zipper foot…, but i winged it without one.

  303. 316

    Erika said,


    I made my first attemt from pair of old jeans and it was super easy! Thank you for the great tutorial!🙂 Then I bought little peace of fabric from IKEA and I found lovely old Hello Kitty raincoatjacket from secondhandshop and thout it would be a great for the lining.

    So here’s the result: and another pic where you can see the lining.

    It looks pretty from the display side, but from the “wrong” side…eh would I say I had a LITTLE problems with my sewingmachine. As many other I would also love to see the turorial of this bag with lining. Mine was ok for my first lining ever, but while doing it I was thinking there have to be easier/simplier way to do it.

  304. 317

    shea said,

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I used it to make a purse. I took 2 fat quarters, cut off 2 1/2 inches of each fat quarter to make two straps. I followed the rest of the directions, except before I put the zipper in I sewed the straps to the outside panels. Then I made the second fat quarter into a lining, simply basting where the zipper would be. I also added a pocket to the lining, for an inside pocket. After finishing the lining, I cut the basting, put it inside the outer pouch, and top stitched along the zipper sewing line to attach the lining. Turned into a super cute duffel style little purse. Even my boyfriend was impressed. He said I should write “LV” on the inside and sell it for $2,000. Hehe.

  305. 319

    Fofil said,

    Thanks for the tuto !!! So simple and the result so nice !!!!
    I’ll put my new little boxy pouch on my blog very soon…

  306. 320

    Charo said,

    wonderful tutorial, it seems so easy, I’ll try tomorrow, thank you
    greetings from Spain

  307. 321

    Toni M MacPherson said,

    hi love your tutorial. can wait to make this but what if a put a liner in would it be easy

  308. 322

    Chris said,

    i made one of these and it is great as a camera case. really easy to follow instructions. thanks.

  309. 323

    Svetlana said,

    Умничка, очень аккуратно сшила, молодец!!

  310. 324

    Lisa said,

    This little pouch is absolutelyt adorable! And your tutorial was so easy to follow! I have made several of these pouches already. I have posted some on my blog and linked it to here. I hope you do not mind.

  311. 325

    frost* said,

    Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  312. 326

    Ann said,

    Thanks. This was fun to make. I used a lining fabric and did french seams. It got a bit thick but is very cute. I will definitely do a few variations of this design.

  313. 327

    sanhita said,

    a wonderful little tutorial!! very simple instructions and beautiful little pouch!! everybody at my home loved it!! thank you soooo much!!

  314. 328

    rosieskis said,

    This is a great little pouch! I made mine a little bigger (about 2 inches deeper/wider) and it’s just perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!

  315. 329

    Sewzanne said,

    Awesome Tute!! I just linked on my FB page
    Thanks so much

  316. 330

    Kjersti said,

    This tutorial is so great! I’ve made several of these – they are so easy to make, and when I fill them up with candy they make the perfect gifts for my kids’ friends! Thanks!

  317. 331

    satyva said,

    easy , nice , practical … 100 %

  318. 332

    Leah said,

    Thanks for a great tutorial! Here’s a pic of the little boxy pouch I made for one of my friend’s birthdays –

  319. 333

    betty said,

    hi, this is awesome. Would love to try this. Will let u know if I have done so. Thanks for sharing.

  320. 334

    sindhu jagan said,

    hi ,i am soooooooo glad to see this, i always found it difficult to store my lipstics,now i ve found a right thing ,thank you soo much

  321. 335

    Jodi said,

    Thid is awesome. Thanks for all your into putting thid sit together.

  322. 336

    Nanou said,

    Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Thanks to it, I sewed my first zip.

    I am trying to figure out how to add a lining to it even if it is also great this way. Would you have a tip?

    Have a nice weekend.

  323. 337

    Clare said,

    Thanks for the great craft and engaging instructions. I just made a pouch out of vintage Marimekko fabric and it’s super cute! I added ribbon tags at each end of the zipper to make it easier to pull. I’d also love to see if you can suggest a way to line it. Looking forward to it! Thanks again!

  324. 338

    Casi said,

    Thank you for the tut! It was so clear… I’ve never sewn anything other than a corner and I love my little pouch! I made some plastic ‘fabric’ from old Target bags and can’t wait to make another one!

    target makeup bag

    target makeup bag 2

  325. 339

    Marcia said,

    Olá, seu tutorial me ajudou imenso, consegui fazer minha bolsinha box… qté queenfim!!! hehehe Ficou super linda, amanhã postarei no meu blog e me dará muita alegria receber sua visita para uma conferida… sou-lhe muito grata. Umbj

  326. 341

    graciela said,

    very clear…thank you, i make dolls and house things and personallity, if you want, write me, please

  327. 342

    Birdy said,

    Im am a bloody beginner and I managed! Thx to your great explanations!!

  328. 343

    Heather G said,

    Nice tutorial. I found a tutorial for the LINING. Check it out:
    P.S. I have also made these with batting between the layers for a padded pouch.

  329. 344

    I love this! I just made a slightly larger one today to pack all our medications for vacation, and it’s really cute! It did come out pretty floppy though. Anyone else have that problem, or it it because mine is bigger?

  330. 345

    Cindy said,

    This is my new obsession. I’ve made 2 already and plan to make more. I actually quilted the fabric before I made them, so even tho you can see seams inside, it’s kinda lined. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!🙂

  331. 346

    PikkuUnelmia said,

    This is just marvelous! Thanks for the fun and easy-peasy instructions! This is my first time in your blog, but I will defenitely be back! Soon!

  332. 347

    rechel said,

    i want to sew this project for my son’s lunch pouch..many thanks for the idea. God bless

  333. 348

    raewolo said,

    thank you so much!! i’ve been dying to make this and i finally did last night. it was cute and so so easy!

  334. 349

    Sarah said,

    thanks for this tutorial! i just started sewing and today i made one of these pouches and they look fantastic!🙂 instead of using one piece of cloth, i used two and the lining inside looks great.

  335. 350

    Tina said,

    Hello, I am French, I like this pooch very much. I make one this morning for my daughter’s birthday, to use as a lunch bag. I make it square and low.

  336. 351

    Mo said,

    Your instructions are so clear, I know I will be able to make a great looking bag the first time. I learn best with pictures and words and yours are perfect for me. Mostitch

  337. 352

    ZmajevaKchi said,

    this is so great,tnx🙂

  338. 353

    Kathy said,

    I like to press iron-on interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric at the beginning to give the pouch some “body”.

  339. 354

    Kathy said,

    These are very popular with my quilt guild. I give out the website so people can go get the pattern. I add handles on both ends to make it easier to zip and I add iron-on interfacing to give it more body.

  340. 355

    fetzich said,

    very nice tut🙂

  341. 356

    Rose said,

    Hello there! I absolutely love your website and gorgeous tutorials. I have been looking online and found a way to line it! At the start simply stitch 2 different fabrics together, with a 1.4 inch seam along one side. Then do everything as normal!

  342. 357

    Paula in NE OH said,

    Great tutorial. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  343. 358

    I know this is a little late, but to do a lining you can just sew the lining fabric at the same time as the outter fabric just on the zipper end, then after your done with your main box, you pull the lining rectangles out through the zipper inside out and sew it just like the outter, and stuff it back in. When you press it though you need to do while the lining is out to not get it all wrinkled.
    Also, to get a more structured bag you can use interfacing on the outter. I did all this and it turned out perfect!!
    Thank you!!

  344. 359

    maria.varga said,

    Hí girls!

    I am from Hungary, thanks for box tutorial. I tried it, and it has been successfull!
    My box:

    Thanks so much, again!

  345. 361

    chiccrafter said,

    Thank you for this tutorial. I was googling where to find easy to follow tutorial to make pouches like this. Your’s the best!

  346. 362

    lauren said,

    for the idea of a lining what you can do is you can get two fabrics and sew the lining on the outside before you start and then go on from there i hope that helped and that box is adorable

  347. 363

    AmyLynn Field said,

    What size zipper should I use?

  348. 364

    Monica said,

    I love these little box bags! While I was looking for a tutorial I found this one over at projects by Jane that shows you how to sew in a lining at the same time as the bag! I hope that it helps, I know that seeing pictures makes it better for me

  349. 365

    Amanda said,

    i tried…it came out lopsided lol

  350. 366

    Gramma D said,

    Very nice little bag. Your instructions are very clear and well done.
    When I line little bags like that, if the fabrics are quite fine I just cut them out together and pretend they are one piece. Harder to get the zipper in nicely if it gets too thick, though.
    Thank you for sharing.

  351. 367

    Thanks for the Tute! I made a bunch of box bags out of oilcloth and cotton laminates and blogged them with a link back to you.

  352. 368

    jessica w. said,

    I made some similar only larger and for a man’s toiletry bag using a different pattern, in my post I link to lots of other tutorials that might help.

  353. 370

    natski said,

    I loved this tutorial and I’m thinking of upsizing it to make a shoebag for my sister.
    Here’s my first attempt🙂
    Boxy pouch view 1

  354. 371

    azlin said,

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! now i know what to do with my scrap materials! it turn out so cute! i add iron on interfacing to my material before sewing them. love! love! love!

  355. 372

    amybrinager said,

    Reblogged this on A little of this..A little of that.. and commented:
    Can’t wait to make this!!!!!!! Looks like a great project!!!!

  356. 373

    charo said,

    Great tutorial, thank you very much, I’m going to do mine right now!!!

  357. 374 said,

    Muchas gracias, intentaré hacerla,



  358. 375

    mel said,

    Hi. This tutorial is amazing – it has very clear pictures and instructions. I have linked you on my blog:


  359. 376

    creando con graciela said,

    Gracias por este hermoso tutorial , las fotos hablan por si solas, el neceser esta precioso.

  360. 377

    Karen said,

    This is such perfect timing! I wanted to make a set of these for when I have to go into hospital again and was dreading having to make a bag with a fiddly gusset etc. Thanks soooo much! I’ll look at an easy way to line them too and keep you posted?

  361. 378

    larissa said,

    hey! i made this and it was really easy! thank you!
    about the lining, i followed the steps from this other project:
    and then i followed your final steps. it worked well!

  362. 379

    Steffi said,

    Thank you so much for this easy tutorial! Just made my first pouch and am already lovin’ it. So practical!🙂

  363. 380

    Kelly said,

    I have made a few of these pouches and they came out really cute! thank you for the tutorial. It was simple and easy to understand. Now Im making a bunch of them to add to my crafts to sell at craft fairs.

  364. 381

    Sherry said,

    I like this little bag. I can’t wait to make one. Thanks for sharing

  365. 382

    Nina said,

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!! I just finished a really big one and am thinking of adding a strap to make it a purse.

  366. 383

    makteh59 said,

    hello. how do you put lining in this pouch?thank you

  367. 384

    makteh59 said,

    hello, how do you put lining in?thank you

  368. 385

    molly said,

    These are so easy and cute to make thanx so much for the tutorial. i;m now selling them (big hit)

  369. 386

    Marilla said,

    =) Love this. I come back to it every time I/someone else needs a little bag for anything! When I line mine, I sew the lining and exterior with right sides together, as if I were making a doll, leaving just a few inches to turn it right sides out, then proceed with the zipper. My only issue is that then the zipper is exposed on the inside, but if it’s just for me…. If it’s a gift, I machine sew the lining to the zipper at the same time as the exterior, very slowly, and very carefully.

  370. 387

    K said,

    As for a lining…I just made mine with two pieces of fabric with wrong sides facing each other and sewed as normal. Obviously, I can’t remove the lining and you can still see the edges inside, but at least it’s a pretty pattern!

  371. 388

    anna said,

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. Will give it a try.

  372. 389

    Ashley said,

    You should try the “no guts boxy pouch” from Craftsy. Same concept but with a lining and no seams on the inside. They are a little bigger than yours but you can always alter the dimensions.

  373. 390

    Gail said,

    I made three of these today with my fabric stash. Thank you!!

  374. 391

    Sue C said,

    This is officially my favourite tutorial EVER!!!! I am going to make millions of these! Thank you so so so much!

  375. 392

    Béa de Belgique said,

    Merci pour ce tuto bien clair et précis.

  376. 393

    I’m so glad I found this tutorial! I love these style bags but always thought they were beyond my sewing abilities and would be too complicated to make. Thanks for explaining it in a clear and easy way; can’t wait to try making one!

  377. 394

    Nahalie said,

    I don’t speak english very well, but just say Thanks for tutorial.

  378. 395

    judith smith said,

    I made it with ripstop nylon and added a loop on the back so I could slide it through my ultra light backpack waist belt and carry a camera. Great help, thanks!! I also just put a small tab of velcro instead of the zipper, I think I would like the zipper more.

  379. 396

    Vanessa said,

    Just finished mine with a zebra print fabric, IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Was SO eaasy thanks so much!!

  380. 397

    laura said,

    Love this, is it ok to make it for a craft sale or for selling purposes?

  381. 399

    mrs sim said,

    thanks. at least i understand this one. good job.

  382. 400

    Marieke said,

    Thanks for your tutorial! This is happy sewing, so easy and quick to make. No difficult measuring, just simple sewing, and, voila, a beautiful little pouch. I just made one and I am really happy with the result!

  383. 401

    Kay-Maree said,


    I have just completed 54 of these little bags. I have made them for my daughter who is getting married in a few weeks. I have filled them with goodies for all of the females at the wedding. Thanks for the easy tutorial ad the great pictures.

  384. 402

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial ! I’ll try this out soon, and will post it when it’ll be given to the boy i guess ;^)

  385. 403

    Annemarie said,

    Hey, nice tutorial! Can i share it on my blog and link it to your website?

  386. 404

    PoissonVert said,

    Je ne me lasse pas de ce modèle ultra rapide a faire…
    Encore quelques pochettes ici :

  387. 405

    PoissonVert said,

    Une autre, un brin Vintage et toute doublée de toile enduite…ici

  388. 406

    girati said,

    Lovveeee itt! gonna print all now and gonna do it this w.e.!!


  389. 407

    Shirley Lamothe said,

    Truly you did a great job of showing how to do this…I’m a beginner and had no trouble. Thanks!

  390. 408

    Kellytodd said,

    Thanks haven’t tried doing a zipper, but made your pouch 2 night turned out great will be making these for my friends at work

  391. 409

    Adriana said,

    Amazingly easy and beautiful,
    Thank you!

  392. 410

    Sarah Wilson said,

    super cute and nice and easy. thank you so much for a easy to follow tutorial. I think I will be making more of these

  393. 411

    aurorema said,

    I’ve drawn it and adaptated into french. Can’t wait to try it! thank youu

  394. 412

    nifka said,

    It seems so simple… Thank You!

  395. 413

    fiore said,

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this lovely tutorial: it is very well written and easy to follow. I only made a minor change to it adding two flaps on both sides to make it easier to zip/unzip. Here’s my result:

  396. 414

    manon said,

    Hi, i hope you don’t mind but i’ve made a pin off this great post on pinterest. Can i have your permission? Thanks for sharing, i love it!

    Greats Nonnie

  397. 415

    Julie said,

    I’ve just made this in about twenty minutes. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  398. 416

    Tina said,

    I whipped one up in 20 minutes, perfect on the first try, without a zipper foot (and I’m a beginner sewer) – great tutorial THANKS!

  399. 417

    CarolJenks said,

    This is awesome – I’ve been searching the net for ‘box bag’ tutorial and yours is by far the most simple and understandable one I have found – thank you so much🙂 xxx

  400. 418

    Fuzzbutt said,

    so dang easy to make i was so surpriese thankyou so so much i even put the lineing in

  401. 419

    Kayla said,

    Do you think that thin plastic could be attached as you are making the bag to have a thin inside lining as you are going instead of going back to do it?

  402. 420

    Sophia said,

    Very nice, quick, easy and beautiful tutorial!
    Thank you

  403. 421

    Danica said,

    thank you! i made your bag, and credited you on Burda site! thanx for your cool instructions!

  404. 423

    Ligia said,

    thank you i just made this!

  405. 424

    elsa said,

    c’est vraiment trop cool cette pochette
    je n’ai que 12 ans mais j’ai trouvé ça trop fastoche

  406. 425

    Nisreen Juzer said,

    Thank you for sharing beautifully done and your instructions are superb

  407. 426

    Nisreen Juzer said,

    Thank you for sharing. Your detailed instructions are illustrated beautifully. Really nice.

  408. 427

    manuela said,

    thanx for uploading, you explained it very well. (and make it seem very easy, i’m a bit nervous about that since it usually means it is harder than it looks) But I am going to try tomorrow anyway😀

  409. 428

    Mary K said,

    I was up at 2 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I had recently joined a pouch swap. I did a search on line and found someone else had mentioned this pouch linking back to the instructions. It looked simple enough so I tried it. I also remembered some other instructions on lining. I tried that too. 2 hours later I have a finished pouch.

    Your instructions were perfect and that is why I think I didn’t have any problems.thanks.

    I will blog about this and add a link to the tutorial here.

    Thanks again.
    Mary K.

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